2017 - 2018

   KASHISH BHATIA (Head girl)
Class- XII-Commerce

The vision of our School is :-

“On the wings of excellence reaching to the zenith with ethics preparing young minds physically and emotionally balanced to be ready to face the Challenges of the world catering to the aim of serving humanity”.

The vision of our School truly defines its motto to uplift and motivate the generations of tomorrow by emphasizing on their academic excellence and boosting their souls towards morality and spirituality.

Our school inherits us with the traits of personality development. These traits distinguish us from others.

Some of these traits are :-

  • SELF CONFIDENCE : Our school inculcates the feeling of self confidence in each and every student, The one who is self assured can achieve success in every field.
  • HUMILITY : Humility is to act and lead in a manner that reflects or express a spirit of inclusion, respect for others and a willingness to subordinate one’s own interest for the common good. We Mariampurians are taught since childhood to accept the responsibility of mistakes and failures and to learn from them. We are taught to remain calm and help others in adverse circumstances.
  • SELF EVALUATION : The value of self knowledge and self assessment is increasing dramatically in today’s changing scenario and social environment. Knowing about who we are and what our strengths and weaknesses is one of the key characteristics that can distinguish people who succeed in life from those who struggle.
  • TRUSTWORTHINESS : Our school entrusts us with various responsibilities and thus inculcates the quality of trustworthiness in us. When we are trustworthy , others can be sure of us and we can be sure of ourself.
  • OPTIMISM : The School is very optimistic about the all round development of its students and thus endows the same personality traits in all of us. An optimistic tends to see adversity as temporary and view all the obstacles as mirror so be optimistic in your approach and fight all odds enthusiastically and firmly.

I am very sure that all my school mates would develop all the personality traits and grow in to worthy citizens of India making our school, teachers and parents proud.

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