2018 - 2019

   Priyanshi Tripath (Head girl)
Class- XII-Commerce

Leadership is the most significant element of a person‘s life. Leadership is what works on the foundation of an institution and leads it towards the path of progress. In this 14_ year journey of my life, I have learnt to be humble and honest with my action and always home faith in achieving the goals and not first conquering them. To work united with the people affected by my decision and always adhere to what teachers guide us to do. I have also been influenced by the great leaders of our country and also learnt to trust my positive instincts and honest labor. ”Knowledge is enlightenment and work is worship” with this aim I share my responsibility with an accountable group of meritorious and meticulous Cabinet members hoping for this institution to reach heights and excellence. We have always aimed for excellence, so with this we began with a fresh page of achieving and learning through the ideals and principles of our institution.

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