2016 - 2017


On the wings of excellence reaching to the zenith with ethics preparing young minds physically and emotionally balanced to the ready to face the challenges of the world catering to the aim of saving humanity

What better a vision can get than this? We are the proud students of Mariampur Sr. Sec. School. A school that demarcates us from others, endowing us with the frabjuous habitual traits.

  • BEING PROACTIVE : It leads us to see beyond, listen beyond and act beyond in any environment.
  • BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND : Leadership is the first creation and it is very important to lead our own motions and actions ahead.
  • PUT FIRST THING FIRST : Human will have triumphed against unbelievable odds to be enthusiastic. Give your will a thrust.
  • HAVE A PLAN : To write success we must follow a definite course of action, devised in the light of our own practical cognition.
  • SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND THEN TO UNDERSTOOD : Be an empathic listener. We listen with our ears and our heart. We listen for feeling, for meaning.
  • SET PERSONAL STANDARS : We must endeavor to be the very, very best we can, at all times.
  • MAINTAIN GOOD MANNERS : No matter how small interactions with people you have each day, don’t let the manner slip away.
  • BE CHEERFUL ANS POSITIVE : Because we know the sun will come back, because we know things will always get better.
  • NEVER LIE : Tell what you know, No more, No less, it sets you into a mode when you don’t have to think twice.
  • THINKER WIN-WIN : Accept failure and victory alike.
  • SHARPEN THE SAW : Express spiritual, mental, social and physical motivation. It enhances the greatest asset we have – OURSELVES.
  • SYNERGIZE : It means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and stems from the creative process we pursue.

To my worthy school mates, I would say, make sure when you move out from the school premises you are not a person, but a star, a star so bright. Have faith in god, in your school, your teachers and parents and of course- YOURSELF.

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