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Album Title: Assembly on Self Control ...Read More
Event Date: 14th May, 2019
Created on: 14th May, 2019
Total Photos : 44
Description: “Self Discipline is about ...Read More
Album Title: LA INAUGURATION 2019-20
Event Date: 13th May, 2019
Created on: 13th May, 2019
Total Photos : 48
Description: LA activities of the Scho ...Read More
Album Title: Labours day-2019
Event Date: 1st May, 2019
Created on: 1st May, 2019
Total Photos : 43
Description: On the morning of May 1st ...Read More
Album Title: Mahavir Jayanti and Good ...Read More
Event Date: 15th Mar, 2019
Created on: 15th Apr, 2019
Total Photos : 12
Description: A Special Assembly was co ...Read More
Album Title: Assembly on Saving_the_En ...Read More
Event Date: 23rd Apr, 2019
Created on: 23rd Apr, 2019
Total Photos : 26
Description: A meaningful Assembly on ...Read More
Album Title: Mainstreaming health and ...Read More
Event Date: 8th Apr, 2019
Created on: 8th Apr, 2019
Total Photos : 74
Description: To mainstream health and ...Read More
Album Title: Annual Competition by A ...Read More
Event Date: 10th Apr, 2019
Created on: 10th Apr, 2019
Total Photos : 170
Description: In our School premises, t ...Read More
Album Title: First Assembly-2019
Event Date: 1st Apr, 2019
Created on: 1st Apr, 2019
Total Photos : 64
Description: The School opened its gat ...Read More
Album Title: Grand Parent’s Day-06th F ...Read More
Event Date: 6th Feb, 2019
Created on: 6th Feb, 2019
Total Photos : 1046
Description: Nobody can do for little ...Read More
Album Title: LA Activity Master Mind
Event Date: 30th Jan, 2019
Created on: 30th Jan, 2019
Total Photos : 24
Description: On 30th Jan, 2019 'Maste ...Read More
Album Title: Republic Day-2019
Event Date: 26th Jan, 2019
Created on: 26th Jan, 2019
Total Photos : 60
Description: India’s 70th Republic Day ...Read More
Event Date: 19th Jan, 2019
Created on: 19th Jan, 2019
Total Photos : 83
Description: “Life itself is the most ...Read More
Album Title: L.A Activity-2018-19 EXTE ...Read More
Event Date: 19th Jan, 2019
Created on: 19th Jan, 2019
Total Photos : 40
Description: Extempore activity was he ...Read More
Album Title: Christmas_Party_2018
Event Date: 20th Dec, 2018
Created on: 20th Dec, 2018
Total Photos : 51
Description: On Thursday (20/12/18) Ki ...Read More
Album Title: Mother_Mary_Fest_2018
Event Date: 7th Dec, 2018
Created on: 7th Dec, 2018
Total Photos : 56
Description: A special assembly was co ...Read More
Album Title: Laying_The_Dinning_Table
Event Date: 28th Nov, 2018
Created on: 28th Nov, 2018
Total Photos : 25
Description: To witness the managing s ...Read More
Album Title: Constitution_Of_India_201 ...Read More
Event Date: 27th Nov, 2018
Created on: 27th Nov, 2018
Total Photos : 86
Description: To commemorate the consti ...Read More
Album Title: EID_E_MILAD-2018
Event Date: 20th Nov, 2018
Created on: 20th Nov, 2018
Total Photos : 36
Description: On the glorious occasio ...Read More
Album Title: Childrens_Day-2018
Event Date: 14th Nov, 2018
Created on: 14th Nov, 2018
Total Photos : 82
Description: “Children are the future ...Read More
Album Title: KSS Inter School English ...Read More
Event Date: 12th Nov, 2018
Created on: 12th Nov, 2018
Total Photos : 123
Description: Our School hosted the KSS ...Read More
Album Title: Deepawali-2018
Event Date: 5th Nov, 2018
Created on: 5th Nov, 2018
Total Photos : 126
Description: On the auspicious occasio ...Read More
Album Title: A Diya Decoration Competi ...Read More
Event Date: 31st Oct, 2018
Created on: 31st Oct, 2018
Total Photos : 13
Description: “diwali is the festival o ...Read More
Album Title: Gandhi Jayanti-2018
Event Date: 2nd Oct, 2018
Created on: 2nd Oct, 2018
Total Photos : 31
Description: The students of class IX ...Read More
Album Title: Teachers Day-2018
Event Date: 6th Sep, 2018
Created on: 6th Sep, 2018
Total Photos : 171
Description: Teachers Day celebrated o ...Read More
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